Getting Around

Ride Sharing Services

When traveling around Bali, we highly recommend using the Grab app, which is similar to Uber but more widely used in the region. Though you have the option to pay via card, Grab also gives you the option to pay with cash.

All Grab cars in Bali are new and equipped with air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable journey. For communication with drivers who may have limited English proficiency, we suggest using Google Translate. If you need to make stops along the way, drivers are usually happy to accommodate for a small additional fee.

Rest assured, the Grab app is safe to use, drivers are exceptionally helpful and friendly, and the fares are budget-friendly.

Most hotels and villas also provide taxi services. However, they are generally around 20-40% higher than what you would otherwise pay with Grab.

Hire a Motor Bike/Scooter

Renting a two-wheeler is a common choice for tourists visiting Bali. While we don't have specific details on hand, there are abundant online resources offering comprehensive information about the requirements for hiring a bike or scooter in Bali. Keep in mind that navigating the roads may pose some challenges depending on what you plan to wear for the events.
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Although Bali is a relatively small Island, traffic can be intense at times, especially if you are going to the city or travelling during sunrise/sunset. We recommend providing a minimum 45-60 minutes to get anywhere no matter how close it is.

Shuttle Service

We've organised shuttle services to and from the hotels mentioned in Where to Stay, ensuring a stress-free journey to the venue. Simply click the button below to let us know which hotel you'll be staying at, and we'll ensure you're added to the list of guests to pick up from these designated locations.